Essay on Looking For Alaska By John Green

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"Looking for Alaska" is a novel by John Green full of romance and mystery. The story starts off about a young boy named Miles Hatler. Miles is from Florida and is starting his junior year at a boarding school, Culver Creek Preparatory High School, in
Birmingham, Alabama. He states he is going to "seek a great perhaps" Miles is a very awkward teenage boy. He spends most of his time reading biographies and memorizing the last words. When miles first arrives on campus, he immediately goes to his dorm. He describes the dorm to be very dull until he meets his new roommate, "The Colonel". The Colonel 's real name is Chip Martin but he is known as The Colonel because he is very assertive and a very strong leader. He is also described to be 5 feet tall, very muscular and very smart.
He is on a scholarship to Culver Creek and has skipped a two grades. The Colonel automatically takes Miles under his wing and introduces Miles to his rowdy group of friends. Miles meets Takumi Hikohito, who is obsessed with hip hop music, Lara
Buterskaya who is an exchange student from Russia, and finally Miles meets a beautiful, mysterious young women, Alaska Young. Alaska is described to be one of the happiest characters in the book. Miles is mesmerized by Alaska, but has no idea what all she hides behind her smile. On the first night on campus, Miles is kidnapped out of his bed while The
Colonel is not in the room. Miles had a pillow case thrown over his head, duct taped and tied up, and is thrown…

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