Looking Deeper Into Jamie Oliver Essay

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Looking deeper into Jamie Oliver you may wonder who is he, what has he done and would I like the real person that is Jamie Oliver. Jamie Oliver is a restaurateur, author, media personality and of most important a world class chef, whom has built up and empire of foods and education. Simplicity has been the key to Jamie’s success both in his food and beliefs on how to change the world. Wanting to learn more about someone and the way they think you have to dive deep into personality past the Meyer’s bridges answers (for which Jamie is a ESFP) and into the different areas and structures that make up a person. To get to these ideas we should compare Jamie on the ITP metric and its “Big 5” personality traits.
A man on many dreams, passions and goals that drive him through life Jamie tends to lead him towards a higher score on the extraversion category. Jamie stay very active in this day to day life working to create a better and brighter tomorrow of food education and consumption all while creating a fun and loving environment with his cheerful demeanor. The best representation of his level of extraversion is right in his first major television show title “The Naked Chef” (People 2002) now he was fully clothed in episodes this pulled people’s attention and allowed him to get down to the basics of cooking.
Continuing on the high scoring results Jamie is a man oh deep carrying and believes in his power to change the world thus this would cause him to have a moderate level of…

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