Essay on Logistics Management : An Organization

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Logistics management can be described as an integrating activity which optimizes and integrates all logistics functions. It also integrates other logistics activities with other related function such as information technology, finance, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Supply Chain solutions play a vital role in identifying and determining a company’s success. Primary results can be found in supply chain, in case there is a small variance in the inventory. In order to counter such consequences, there is the need for an organization to have effective logistics. Management that takes place from raw material to final stage at the correct time and place is carried out by logistics management. For companies to leverage chances in the emerging markets there is the need for them to align and consolidate their supply chain management procedures, processes and infrastructure so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs (Pyzdek & Keller, 2012).
A supply chain involves a series of organizations and activities that materials have to go through from the initial supplier to the final consumers. It is crucial to note that every product and service has its own unique supply chain and these can either be sophisticated and long term. There are a series of steps that are involved from the origin of product or service and its consumption. The steps that are involved in the process are referred to as supply chains. The following section provides McDonalds operations…

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