Loewen Group Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Financial: 2. Organizational:
A strength that Loewen Group had in this area is the fact that they kept the same staff when the acquired another home. They do this because those people are successful in running the company in that area and they already know what works. 3. Physical:
A physical strength is that they own lots of funeral homes all over North America. 4. Technological: There are no technological strengths. b. Intangible

1. Human Resources:
One thing Mr. Loewen looked at every employee as a strong part of the company. This led to "Sharing The Vision" stock plan. 2. Innovation Resources:
This strength is simiilar to their organizational strength in the fact that they keep the same staff at each house bought. Most companies keep the same staff but not as part of management, more for human relations. 3. Reputational Resources:
Loewen believed that their reputation as "The preferred acquirer" was a significant advantage in attracting high quality acquisitions. 4. Management:
One strength is that management is open to everyone that works under them. They are very interested in helping funeral homes reach their goals.


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The Company's operations also include insurance business in support of the support of the core operations.

Value Chain Analysis: Loewen claimed it has one of the most customer-focused approaches and a genuine concern for sellers' needs. It worked on offering excellent service and providing community involvement to increase the brand equity of the Loewen Group name. Another thing that gave value to the customer was that it was a one-stop shop. They offered combination facilities that enabled customers to take care of funeral and cemetery arrangements in one place.

Competitive Advantage: Loewen Group got to where it is today with several competitive advantages. The first of these is an acquisition group that is very skilled and very dedicated to identifying and closing the sell. The second advantage was that the regional partnership program had often accounted for more than 50% of its yearly acquisitions. The next advantage was that it built a reputation for doing its up most to satisfy the needs of sellers. The last competitive advantage is that Loewen was building its in house expertise in cemetery management.




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