Liz Murray : An Inspirational Speaker Essay examples

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Liz Murray is an inspirational speaker whose most noticeable accomplishment has been being accepted into Harvard University despite going through a rough upbringing including drug abuse, rape, and homelessness. Murray was born in the Bronx on September 23, 1980 to her father Peter, and mother Jean. Both of whom were drug addicts, and had mental illnesses. Though almost breaking down a couple times Murray maintained perfect composure while narrating an extremely tragic auto-biography when she came to speak at UB. I myself found that to be amazing and continued to reflect her struggles with my own, as I kept listening I couldn’t believe on how easy I got it. I’ve been blessed enough to always have a hot meal, a bed to sleep in, and even some luxuries despite being economically disadvantaged. How Murray didn’t go into a deep depression and end up suicidal is beyond my comprehension. With her mother, Jean being legally blind their family was eligible for welfare. As Liz described the scene “on every first of the month everyone on the block was so happy” this is because the welfare checks came in on the first of every month. Although on the inside Liz knew exactly what was going to happen. Jean would go out and buy some groceries for the month, and the rest of the money would go on drugs. Liz would watch as her parents would shoot up drugs in the kitchen and get high. Everything would be fine for Liz and her sister the first week or so, then the little food that was bought would…

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