Ruby Davis Reflection

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Nakia Davis reported being friends with Ruby Davis for 15 years. She reported that she speaks with Mrs. Davis twice a week but is not able to see her because they reside in different states. She describes Mrs. Ruby as loving, fun and original. She describes Mr. Arthur Davis as hardworking, funny and kind. Ms. Nakia Davis reported that she know the couple would do well with other children placed in her home. Ms. Nakia Davis stated that the couple has a lot to offer and they could provide the child with a good life. Ms. Nakia Davis reported no instability, CPS, drugs or alcohol abuse history. The couple is hard workers, dependable and always has something positive to contribute. She believes the child would do well in the couple home and she recommends Mr. Arthur and Ruby Davis home for placement.

Adrian Jones is a friend of Mrs. Davis. She reported knowing Mrs. Davis for 10 years. She stated that she is able to speak with the family a couple of times a week, but does not visit because she resides in California. Ms. Jones described Mrs. Davis as down to earth, sweet, and wonderful women. She described Mr. Davis as a man of God and a true spiritual leader. She reported
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Ms. Karen described Mrs. Davis as honest, good-hearted, trust worthy, dependable. She described Mr. Davis a kind, honest and fun. Karen reported speaking to Mrs. Davis on the phone twice a week, but only visits the home once a month. She reported that the couple is very strong and communicates well. Ms. Karen reported that the couple is also patient and understanding. They have raised their own children to be great adults. Ms. Karen has no reservations about the opportunity and love Mr. and Mrs. Davis has to offer. Karen reported that Ms. Davis can offer and child stability, love, and a nurturing home. Karen recommends Ms. Davis home for placement. Ms. Sutton reported no instability, criminal, CPS, drug or alcohol, abuse

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