Living With Adhd : Adhd Essay

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Living with ADHD

There is more to ADHD than people think, people who live with ADHD are looked at as being lazy. Most people don’t understand that living with ADHD affects the part of your brain that produces the focus and determination aspects of your life. While many people suffer from different psychological disorders, ADHD has been seen as being a predominant setback for many individuals. From its causes to its treatments, people who suffer from this disorder experience a range of different symptoms that interrupt their daily life duties. Although a majority of the population has ADHD there is no cure, but there have been treatments that reduce the effects ADHD has on a person, and many people have become successful and overcome this disorder-looking at it in a positive light instead of a negative one.
ADHD brings along a lot of symptoms with it, but there are two specific areas of symptoms that researchers have found people experience. The two categories of ADHD are: inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. For the inattentive subtype, many people experience symptoms that happen when they are sitting down or just trying to focus on tasks. According to Karen Rudolph, under the inattention subtype a few of the problems are “careless mistakes and lack of attention to detail” and “lack of follow-through on tasks” (Rudolph, 2015). People cannot sit for a long time and accomplish many tasks. Instead, they become distracted and never finish a task they are working on. On…

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