Essay about Living A Quality Life After Retiring

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Rose is a sixty-eight year old, recent widow and retiree, living in the United States. She has retired a little less than a year ago from the child care development field where she worked for thirty years. Rose highly enjoyed working in the childcare environment; so much that she exceeded the average United States retirement age of sixty- two, by six years! (Brandon par 2). Although she now lives alone in her ranch house, seasonal visits from her four children and nine grandchildren since retiring has provided something far from a dull home for Rose. However, the visits become extremely limited when children are back in their classrooms, and a different, frigid atmosphere deluges Rose’s residence. Including Rose, there are seventy- eight million Americans living with the quandary of how to continue to live a quality life after retiring; this population is what is known as the demographic ‘baby boomers’- populace born post World War II (Heldrich par 4). Rose found herself sitting in front of the television two to five hours a day or in the middle of the night; she rarely took appropriate bathroom and snack breaks. She experienced joint pain and other difficulty doing daily things: getting out of bed, walking up steps, and standing to prepare meals. Also, a depressive mood overcame her at times as she thought of the solitary lifestyle she now lived due to the unexpected death of her husband; the thought of suicide crossed her mind multiple times. A promising start of new…

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