Lively Diversity In Germany

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Register to read the introduction… Its territory encompasses roughly 357,000 square kilometers. It stretches from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the north to the Alps in the south. Some of the largest European rivers – the Rhine, the Danube and the Elbe – flow through Germany. German landscapes are extraordinarily varied and attractive: low and high mountain ranges, extensive lake lands, forests and roughly 2,390 kilometers of coastline.
Society: Lively Diversity
Germany has 82 million inhabitants. They include roughly 15 million with a migrant background, some 7 million of whom are foreigners, while 8 million hold German citizenship. German society is marked by a pluralism of lifestyles and a diversity of ethnic and cultural outlooks. Despite changes in society, the family remains the most important social reference group. Most people have good vocation training, a high standard of living in international terms and adequate scope for shaping their own personal lives.
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Approximately 17 million people worldwide are currently learning German as a foreign language in courses at institutions.
Germany is a modern and open-minded country with high quality of life, influenced in many ways by multinational diversity. Germany offers a great deal of savoir vivre and everyday culture: German cuisine is regionally diverse and produces the highest number of three-star restaurants after France.
Germany is also popular as a tourist destination – also among numerous visitors from abroad. Tourist attractions in Germany include not only the capital city Berlin and other cultural and historical centers, but also ambitious concert series, festivals and major sporting events. Germany boasts 14 national parks, 101 nature parks and 15 biosphere reserves. Fashion and design are highly regarded here.
In case of language we share different culture. But we can solve this problem by using our 2nd language that is English. We can communicate with them by the help of English language.
Germany is a cold country and people of Germany fashion are conscious. We find that they used leather jacket, begs, parch, boots etc. So we have a good market here for our

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