Comparing The Wolf In Charles Perrault's The Little Red Cap

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Argument Both Charles Perrault’s short story ‘Little Red Riding Hood` and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “The little Red Cap” are fairly tales about a wolf and a young girl. They seem to be one but have continuously changed over a period of time. This can be attributed to the modern adaptations of circumstances and readings. The story was published first by Charles Perrault. The story is of a little girl called Little Red Riding hood. The name originated from the red hooded cloak that she wore.
The girl is sent by her mother to deliver food to her sick grandmother. She has to pass through the woods. In the woods there is a wolf that wants to eat her but can’t do that because it is in public. The wolf approaches the girl and tricks the girl to know where she is going. The girl tells the wolf that she is going to her grandmother’s place. He tricks the girl to collect some flowers and in the process go to the grandmother’s home
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The wolf at last is explained to be man who is always waiting to prey on young girls and sexually abuse them. The wolf in the setting though cunning, is very docile. Persalt (2014) goes further to warn the girls that the docile ones are the most dangerous. The wolves also are not of the same kind. Some are not bitter, neither loud nor angry. They mostly appear as pleasant and good natured. (Orenstein, 2008)
The story also shows that when once a mistake is committed, there might be no chance of rectifying. This contrasts the later version in which the wolf is killed and both the girl and the grandmother are given the second chance to know their mistake and rectify later when confronted in a similar situation. Further illustration can be seen further towards the end of the story. The girl seems to be mature and cannot be easily tricked by the wolf. Instead, she stands on her ground, goes straight to her grandmother’s house and tells her about the

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