Essay on Little House On The Prairie

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Little House on the Prairie

One of the most important moments in my literacy development happened in the third grade when my teacher, Mrs. Stutzman, handed each student in class a paperback copy of “Little House in the Big Woods” for our next reading assignment. After she gave us a brief introduction to pioneer life and Laura Ingalls Wilder, we were given the rest of our reading period to get started on the first chapter. I knew just a few pages in that I felt differently about this book than any other humdrum reading assignment I had been given before. I had never felt such warmth and delight reading. I wanted to get home straight away so that I could read more. Little did I know that would be the first book of a series that would have such a lasting impact on my childhood. I learned that reading could be fuel for my imagination while also gaining an appreciation for pioneer life and forming a lasting bond with my grandma.
My imagination had been sparked. It was the first time that someone else’s words could paint so vividly a picture in my head. For the first time, I felt the eager anticipation for the next page. I couldn’t wait to see what adventures lay ahead for Laura and the rest of the Ingalls family. My imagination took over where her words left off. I could taste the sticky sweetness of maple sugar candy. My toes felt the crisp, cool water as Laura waded into the river on a hot summer day. I had no clue my imagination had such power. It was also a way…

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