Little Girls Or Little Women The Disney Effect Analysis

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“Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Effect” emphasize the stereotypes on little girls, as a Princess with beauty images and matureness.
Introduction: How does Disney Princess become a huge effect by stereotypes toward little and older girl? For the reason, that many young and older girls believe that all Disney Princess dreams come true in reality than a fantasy fairy-tales and it is called “Princess Phenomenon” (pg. 509, Hanes). I have never fall for any Disney Princess’ character to affect my childhood life because it didn’t teach me anything to become like a Princess, such as, avoid to wears make-up in public, or wear fantasy or sexy clothes or find a male mate. We know it’s too young for any girls, under the age of 3-14 years old. As for, some parents believe that the Disney Princess are the purpose to demonstrate little girl into being a mature woman with beauties and intelligences of themselves without be crying or yelling. Some parents push pressure on their daughter to into a “Toddler model” at ages of 2 to 5 years old. This article that
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The Disney Effect”. I have experiences going shopping with my daughter, since she was in middle school. Sometimes, it fun or crazy to decide what is worth for her to wear it in public and to desperate to meet with the demand the prices. Sometimes, my older daughter always wants to look good for their friends and I called it a “peer pressure” from her friends had effect on my daughter to have the same clothes even though, it looks way too sexy for her ages. She was raped at 11 years old. It effects the whole family big time. Perhaps, it was the society that see her attraction as a sexy little girl. I did at my best to work hard to protect her and my youngest son from troubles. As the same time, it is not through social media affect her and I couldn’t afford to buy computer or laptop for my daughter to evolve into social network and

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