Literature Topics On Literature And Literature Essay

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Literature Matters One cannot just pick up a book and not expect to learn something. This is true of literature in all aspects. Literature is not just about poetry and short stories; it is about history, culture, and adventure. Every single time we engage in reading we are giving ourselves the opportunity to learn something we have yet to experience. Literature matters, and when one embraces what literature has to offer with an open mind and a sense of readiness you are privileging yourself to embark on an amazing journey. There should be no question as to whether Literature matters or not, Literature is a part of our history and very much a part of who we are.
First of all literature can be seen as a source of entertainment. Television is not the only means of shedding light on social and or national occurrences not to mention history. Literature is a mirror to our past. Literature provides history that is explained and brought to us in a form of a story that is open for interpretation. Without literature we are denying our potential future leaders a particular sense of approach to different situations. It is stated in an article by Dana Gionia “Why Literature Matters: Good Books Help Make a Civil Society” that, "it is probably no surprise that declining rates of literary reading coincide with declining levels of historical and political awareness among young adults" (2). One of core beauties of literature is that it makes for an incredible debate and or discussion…

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