Literature Review On Differentiated Learning Essay

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Literature Review of Differentiated Learning
Every student is different. Not all students learn the same way, and not all are in the same place academically. So why should we teach every student the same way? What is differentiated instruction? Differentiated instruction is where classroom teachers make multiple attempts to meet the needs of students where they are in the learning process and move them along quickly and as far as possible in the content. It promotes a high level and powerful curriculum for all students but will varies from level of teacher support, task complexity, pacing and based on student readiness, interest (Tomlinson, 2000). Teachers need to be flexible in order to be effective at differentiated instruction. They also need to be willing to adjust their lessons to be able to meet the needs of each student. It may mean making the lesson a little more challenging or even making the lesson a little less challenging for certain students. Differentiated learning is all about meet the student where they are at and teaching each student in a way that best fits them with an ultimate goal of growing their individual success. In this review we will be talking about different teaching strategies, an alternative approach, standards and learning styles of differentiated learning.
Teaching strategies help to activate student’s mind about a topic, to engage students in learning, developing critical thinking skills, keep students on task, and, to enhance the…

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