Literature Review : an Investigation Into the Push and Pull Factors That Influenced Students’ Decision to Study at Glasgow University

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An investigation into the push and pull factors that influenced students’ decision to study at Glasgow University


The student intake at the University of Glasgow has increased from 23,310 to 26,550 from 2006-2011 (HESA, 2011), indicating a positively inclined student decision to study at the university. The decision making process is a complex process made by the student intentionally or unintentionally (Moogan and Baron, 2003). This process is stimulated by “Push” factors related to home country and “Pull” factors related to host country (Mazzoral and Soutar, 2002). In order to understand the student market, it is necessary to have knowledge of student choice and decision making process (Vaira,
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Academic Programmes (Yusuf et al, 2008 and Connor, 1999); cost (Joseph & Joseph, 2000 and Callender, 2003); job opportunities (Seiver, 1998 and Murray et al, 1997), educational facilities (Absher and Crawford, 1996) and location (Tight, 1996) were important influencing factors. Other factors like family influence specially parents (Archer and Hutchings, 2000) and personal benefit like experience and learning new languages (Bourke, 2000) were also crucial factors in the decision making process.
Categorising the students into international and local, change the importance of the factors identified above:
International Students: Study by Gomes and Murphy (2003) suggests that international student decision is mostly based on the “Push and Pull” factor model. Mazzoral and Soutar (2002) explains the push factors (conditions at home) are economic and political ones which have a greater influence in choice of country, while pull factors (conditions at host country) are institutional reputation and recognition and teaching quality have more influence on choice of university.
Local students: A Scottish study by Briggs (2006) and Cornnor et al (1999) suggests that offering the right subject was the most important factor, followed by employment, recognition, location and academic support facilities. The financial support facilities provided by the Scottish Government (2011) to local students are also factors influencing student’s choice.

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