Wander Over Lust Essay

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Wander Over Lust: 7 Reasons Why Being in Love With Traveling Beats Being in Love With a Person

Let 's be honest people, whether we 're able to admit it or not, we all (eventually) want to find true love. A love that never waivers or disappears, a love that humbles you, a love full of passion and exploration. I know, I know, these are all quite high expectations of love, but the real kicker here? You can have this love, wherever, whenever you want, all it takes is a one way ticket, a few clean pairs of underwear (okay, maybe more than a few), and a venturesome attitude. What

I 'm trying to say is: find your great love in the city of your dreams.

You 'll be surprised at how fast you 'll fall...here are 7 reasons why.

1.No man or woman can give you the
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There 's something so enticing about waking up not knowing

where you 'll lay your head that night, something about endlessley roaming the streets of a new city until your feet

physically cant take it anymore (thank you, uber).

7. You find your independence.

If you think the saying "love yourself before you can love another" is cliche, well, you 're wrong. I come from a small

town and so many find it fascinating that I 've traveled as much as I have. "You 're crazy for doing that alone!" is the

most common response. Am I crazy? Maybe a tad bit, but I 'm also extremely independent and more comfotable in my own skin

than most people I know. I owe this all to the cities I 've seen; the rich, the poor, the fashionable, the humble, the

kind, and the curt.

There isn 't a single city you see in your life that doesnt affect you. It 's almost a proven fact that travelling makes you

a better person. Having a grand love affair with a city is the most exhilarting thing I can think of. It stimulates your,

body, mind, soul, and heart.

Fall in love with the unkown, fall in love with yourself, then fall in love with an

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