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The Wanderer

I have always been an avid proponent of experiencing new culture, people, food, and things. I have always had an adoration for new experiences. I love to travel. My affinity for traveling and new experiences I owe to my parents. I have lived in five states and have visited thirty-two states total. My family has been fortunate enough to travel as much as we have because of several factors: my Grandfather went to war and was stationed in Germany where he met my Grandmother, my Grandfather chose to allow the oil on his homestead to be mined, my Mother joined the military, my father has always been a wanderer, my Mother was an only child who inherited everything from her Father.
My Great-Grandfather on my Mother’s side purchased
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My Grandparents could not have children so they decided to adopt. My Mother was adopted by her parents when she was a few months old. It was a closed adoption and my Mother has never known her birth parents or anything about them. However, my Grandparents gave her a loving home and plenty of space to play and grow in.
The soil is rich in Montana and this makes for excellent farming on the flatlands. “Ancient seas and lakes rose and fell, covering at various times all of today’s Montana, leaving behind fascinating geologic formations and sedimentary deposits of limestone, phosphates, and many other compounds.” (Montana: A History of Two Centuries) My Grandfather mainly grew durum wheat, which is used to make pasta, oats, barley, rye, alfalfa, and peas.
Aside from the several hundred acres of farming land there is also pastures and a barn for raising cattle on the homestead. “Cattle ranches began flourishing in western valleys during the 1860 's as demand for beef in the new mining communities increased.” (Brief History of Montana) My Grandfather raised several hundred head of cattle. On the land, there also was crude oil because of the history of animals and dinosaurs living on the plains; my Grandfather agreed to let this crude oil be
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If my Mother had not joined the National Guard and been in Bozeman in 1988 and my Father was not driving truck for a company based out of Bozeman, my parents would never have met. Had my parents never met I would never have been born. Since my Great-Grandfather purchased a homestead in the nutrient rich flatlands of Montana he, my Grandfather, and my parents, could grow flourishing crops, raise cattle, and harvest crude oil. This gave my family the resources to

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