Literature : American Ethnic Literature Essay

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Literature is words that authors use to express and form works of writing that connect with ideas and interests which have essential features to society. How can one or who as the authority to classify literature into American or American ethnic literature? Is it base on a specific language? A period of time? Or the authors citizenship? I find myself struggling in determining the answer of what constitute literature to be considered American ethnic literature. This country is home to many walks of life that contributed and shared their stories, customs, beliefs and language. Ethnic diversity was a major presence as America was flourishing into a great nation. Major ethnic groups expressed their interests and brought up issues that were important to their people or society that influenced the community. American ethnic literature concentrates on multiple voices which dominated the country and struggled to be heard. The literature composed by various authors examine different racial and ethnically groups through fiction, autobiographies, poetry or short stories. Nevertheless, the multiple voices were of minority groups. Each group had their own struggles, language, and points of view. Yet connected by this great nation and experiencing together discrimination for being different. Sharing on how they were viewed brought each group together in sharing social, political and philosophical issues. Issues that were of importance to the people and the community that influenced…

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