Romeo And Juliet Literary Analysis

There are many qualities that make a great writer. The detailed context from the author leads the reader to captivate and compel on the journey of their writing. A well-known writer who fulfills the dramatic appeal for his audience is the national poet, William Shakespeare. His work has been widely known across the globe by his astonishing style of creating his own words, metaphors, and eloquent phrases. In fact, a notable piece of work William Shakespeare is best known for is the romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. It is about two star-crossed lovers who are driven to their death due to their feuding families. As the play prospers, it portrays a high degree of literary elements which benefit the reader to further understand the hidden significations. …show more content…
Imagery is practical because it provides detailed language to create a mental visual of the scene for the reader. Likewise to the novel, Shakespeare implements light and darkness imagery by using precise words that compare objects or people to light and darkness. For instance, Romeo describes Juliet in illustrative language when he sees her at her house during the nighttime. While glancing at her through the window, Romeo states, "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun” (1.2.5). The choice of sunlight portrays how Juliet 's prettiness brightens his heart when he sees her. Despite the scene being in the nighttime, Juliet also relates to the sun because her elegance blossoms the night from the darkness and creates light. The use of light and darkness advances the storyline because it expresses the scenes through the comparisons of light and dark. Furthermore, the continuous use of the particular imagery lets the audience understand when the tone of the story is uplifting like light or somber like darkness. Thus, providing descriptive senses to the play enlightens the audience to imagine how the play would physically be from their perspective. To proceed, love imagery is effective in the play because it creates visuals of scenes where passion has corrupted the characters. In particular, Juliet and Romeo constantly refer to love imagery to address the settings of them being together. For instance, Juliet declares her love for Romeo when she 's in her chamber. While being by herself, Juliet

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