Literary Devices Used In Literature Essay

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There are many different literary devices; I will explain the many different forms of these devices; that are used in every literature book that has been published since ancient times. Dramatic irony is used when an audience knows something that the characters in the literature story do not know. Many different stories and literature books use this with many different genres such as In Romeo and Juliet, the audience knows that Juliet is already married to Romeo but her family does not know this in any way Juliet is hiding this from her family, so they do not find out; and get very mad at her. Shakespeare, William. The Cask of Amontillado, the audience will be thinking that Montresor is planning on murdering Fortunato but Fortunato thinks they …show more content…
Mythical elements such as ancestral spirits and ritual gods are very common in ancient periods of time such as the Mayans or the Aztecs. Latin American literature books will also talk about mythical creatures such as the chuppacabra; this is different from the religious parables as there tends to be very much an uneasy feeling in the literature, as in that of a supernatural horror movie. Films such as The Blair Witch Project will use mythical elements as part of magical realism, in trying to make the audience process mentally; what is happening in the film. Many other horror and thriller genres use magical realism and especially dramatic irony as part of their themes. The old stereotype of a character in a horror film, going into a room when the audience knows there is a horrible creature or person in that room; is a perfect example of dramatic irony as the audience knows what is in that room, and the character has no clue what is about to happen! Horror and thriller films will also use stream of consciousness in their films, similar to that of many literature books. Were the flow of thoughts of a character in a horror or thriller film is explained to the audience in words of what the character is thinking and what is going thru the background in their

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