Literary Devices In Leda And The Swan, By W. B. Yeats

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Literacy Devices reveal the direction the author has chosen to take, in order, to portray their story. In this case, “Won’t you celebrate with me,’ by Lucille Clifton and “Leda and the Swan,” by W. B. Yeats. utilizes different literary devices to convey their poems message uniquely. This essay will explore (1) What literary device does the author use in their poem? (2) Do the two literary devices work together to develop the story? (3) What literary analysis are used in these two poems? (4) (Compare and Contrast the characters in each poem) (Fix)
In “Won’t you celebrate with me,” Lucille Clifton uses ambiguity to express the events taken place in the characters life that molded her into who they have become. Clifton was vague when using events
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B. Yeats. uses literary device catharsis to guide his poem. This poem generates and draws an unexpected emotional reaction out of the readers. The title misleads the reader to believe the poem will be delicate and simple’ however, unprepared you for the oppressing and emotional occurrence that takes place, for example, A sudden blow: the great wings beating still, this line is speaking about the young lady beating beaten. It produces and emotional state on the readers. Most readers use visualization when reading in order to set the atmosphere of understanding and relevance. In the concluding lines, the author reveals Leda conceives as a result of the despicable and abominating forced rape. The author balances the emotional toll by including a considerably happy …show more content…
Every stanza following the first provide reasons explaining why and what to celebrate. Although vague each stanza supported the overall theme, for example, Lines 1-4 won’t you celebrate with me, (2) what I have shaped into, (3) a kind of life? I had no model.(4)born in Babylon. The incentive of why to celebrate with her (1) Because of what the character has been shaped into, considering what the character lacks. (2) Because she has no role model; however, that has not limited her (3) Because she has prevailed through a society that is cruel and

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