A Literary Analysis Of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Literary Analysis
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published on 1818. It is a novel based on determining who is the real monster. In the novel the two main characters are Victor Frankenstein and the Monster. Victor was concentrated into studying many fields; chemistry, physics, and anatomy. He always knew he was going to change the world forever. The Monster was the experiment of Frankenstein.
Victor Frankenstein entered the University at Ingolstadt with a desire to major in mathematics and not natural science. With the desire of time he met the great M. Walden, who taught him the secrets to unlocking the natural universe. Victor learned everything he could about the Physiology of a man. He soon realized that to understand life, he would have
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He is afraid from his own creation, while insulting the monster and calling it a killer all the monster does is push away and says, “You call me a murderer and would destroy me in ignorance with a clear conscience… How can you toy with life so?”. Th character itself as victor is clearly seen as a coward who refuses to own up to his creation and mistake, yet two innocent people were killed and he still could not confess the truth. With prove lines Victor Frankenstein is the true monster of this novel.
The Monster is an experiment, he is the most hated of all, he was made faster, stronger and hardier than any other man. Throughout the novel The Monster is rejected, even after kind actions. The Monster knew he was not loved or cared for even by his own creator. As one day he came across a journal in his pocket. Knowing it was a letter from his creator his hopes were dashed he was simply a creation entirely
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When he committed the murders is was a way of reaction he would get, the same way us as humans get a reaction when we see a monster. Not all instinct reactions are wanted instead given and he was created that way. He was created with no emotions besides being labeled as a Monster or a Reject.
In conclusion, Victor Frankenstein and The Monster are given the wrong titles. By comparing both characters we can conclude that the true monster is Victor. Victor was concentrated into studying many fields; chemistry, physics, and anatomy. He always knew he was going to change the world forever and he did, without knowing the consequences. The Monster was the experiment of Frankenstein and had no way of knowing that his actions were wrong.
Victor Frankenstein’s chose selfishness and his ignorance over those who care for him as well as his own creation which just makes him the true concert. The Monster wishes to achieve friends and social interactions with other humans unlike Victor himself which makes him more human like. Victor generated a life for this Monster and taught him nothing but about rejection and no self-acceptance. As a result of Victor’s actions caused him to become alienated from his friends and family, and tuned into the true monster unlike the actual Monster

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