Literary Criticism And The Marxist Criticism Essay

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All types of literary criticism have been used to help readers receive intuition about a literary work that they have read or are going to read; they are used to help the reader understand the themes and symbols that they might not have known without a particular type of criticism. The Marxist literary criticism is used when one wants to view a book, or other form of literature, in terms of the role that social classes play in the book as well as the role of the class and beliefs of the author and of the time period (Burris). When viewing a literary piece through the Marxist criticism, one must ask about what class the work claims to represent, what value it agrees with or disagree with, what social classes do the characters of the work represent, and how do these character’s different social classes create conflict throughout the work? (“Marxist Criticism”) Before one can answer these questions, one must understand what the origins of the Marxist criticism. Karl Marx: a German economist was the first Marxist literary critic who wrote critical essays on pieces from writers such as William Shakespeare (Murfin). He wrote Das Kapital in 1867 to bring forth his biggest argument that whoever controls the resources of a society, rules over that society. He believed that the world was heading toward a communist society, but he believed that the resources of society should be placed in the hands of the people rather than those who owned big factories or corporations (Baker). He…

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