What Is The Hypocrisy In Huck Finn

The author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, seems to write the story as if it is Huck Finn who is writing a book about his own life. In the beginning of the book, Huck tells about his life living with the widow and her sister, Mrs. Watson. He talks about how he dislikes trying to be “civilized”, having to go to school, and learn about religion. After being kidnapped by his father, Huck finds the perfect opportunity to run away and fake his death. With all that, it’s clear how Mark Twain feels about the region and the people. Huck running away symbolizes the authors dislike for the community. If he valued them, Huck would have ran back to Mrs. Watson, instead of running away. He would have found a way to stay in the town …show more content…
The hypocrisy is how many Christians are so morally wrong when it comes to race. They choose more to do what society says than what the Bible says. Not only do they struggle with the moral question of race, but also the hypocrisy of the Grangerfords. They got to Church, worship God every sunday, and probably consider themselves Christians. In fact, the one day Huck Finn talks about going to Church with them, the sermon talks about loving your neighbor. The ironic and hypocritical thing here is the fact that the very same day, after Church, the Grangerfords are shooting at their enemy, the Shepherdsons. There isn’t very much Christian, brotherly love …show more content…
Mark Twain used all these points to mock America’s view of religion. How the people would go to church and consider themselves Christians, yet still ignore the true word of God.

There isn’t much in the book about alcoholism except about Huck’s father. In the beginning, Huck talked about how his pap was a drunk and the town thought he was dead; drowned in the river. Because his pap was never around, he was living with the widow and her sister. But when Huck’s pap comes back and kidnaps him, he’s thrown back into the life he probably onced lived long ago.
It is evident in the book that Huck’s dad was abusive. They way he accused Huck of being better than him for going to school and being able to learn how to read. This inquires that maybe his dad drinks to drown the depression he probably has.
At one point in the story, before he kidnaps Huck, he tries to change his ways. He goes to stay with Judge Thatcher, the Judge believing he can change him and quit his alcoholic ways. He’s clean for a few hours, giving the Judge a feeling of joy and relief believing he’s saved this man, until they find him drunk, once again, hours

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