Literary Analysis : Beauty And The Beast By Andrew Lang Essay

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Literary Analysis Life is full of surprises, many of which shape our lives. Beauty and the Beast by Andrew Lang was technically told orally far before stories were written down, but tells the story of a family who runs into a terrible misfortune and loses everything it owns. After moving away, however, the members of the family think their luck has changed. Unfortunately, more misfortune befalls them when the father of the family comes across a horrible Beast and is given an ultimatum; he is to either bring back one of his daughters to live with the Beast forever or be punished with death. After his daughter, Beauty, volunteers to go live with the Beast, who is actually quite kind, to save his life she begins to miss her family. Her time with the Beast has been relatively pleasant, but Beauty longs to see her father and siblings, so the Beast consents. While away, Beauty begins to miss the Beast and returns to find him close to death. However, the Beast recovers and Beauty falls in love with him. When Beauty professes her love for the Beast, he transforms back into his original, prince form and they, however cliché it may be, live happily ever after. This is a known love story, but the story also conveys some very strong themes. The three most important themes present in the story are, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” “true beauty shines from within,” and “money doesn’t buy happiness.” One of the most important themes throughout Beauty and the Beast is “don’t…

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