Ugly And Beauty In The Book Thief

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Ugly and Beauty of Humans Humans always act in a variety of ways. There will always be good and bad people in the world. As hard as it is to believe, good and bad exists in everyone. From examining Liesel, Hans and Rosa from the novel “The Book Thief,” it will become apparent that ugly and beauty lies within everyone.

Liesel has proven that she can be both ugly and beautiful. “She would gather all of the accrued letters to her mother, stuff them into one envelope and se just a tiny portion of the washing and ironing money to mail it.”(Zusak 98) ies who is generally a smart and good child went behind her parents backs and used some of their money. It was a pretty stupid thing for Liesel to do, and she got a good punishment out of it. “Somehow, she helped him up and dragged him toward the back.”(Zusak 112) She did a very helpful and beautiful thing for something who she disliked quite a lot. Ludwig made fun of Liesel on many occasions for not being able to read, and Liesel still helped him when him when he
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“He clenched his eyes. Then opened them. He slapped Liesel Memminger squarely in the face.”(Zusak 116) Liesel and said she hated the Fubrer, so this was Hans response. He could’ve dealt with what she said in a much better way. Violence in any way is thought of to be a very ugly and disgusting thing. “Liesel’s papa walked to the front door and opened it. Cautiously, he looked outside, each way and returned.”(Zusak 185) Hans had taken in Max, a Jewish man. This was very beautiful and amazing to do. This grateful thing Hans did brought great risks to his family. If he was caught the family would be severely punished for hiding a Jew. “Everything Good?”(Zusak 200) Hans cared for this man in which he was supposed to hate. He wanted to make everything as best as they can for Max, and to make sure he feels comfortable. Hans who is a really wonderful individual has proven that he can be both ugly and

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