Literacy Is Important For Every Human Essay

768 Words Jan 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Literacy is so very important for every human being, I think that goes without saying in this modern age. We tend to take for granted that everyone knows to wash your hands after going to the bathroom, or before eating. However the reality is that there are many people who have had less opportunity or have less ability to improve their literacy. I am astounded that we still have people who cannot read, but we need to be aware of this fact. Relatively few Americans are considered proficient in understanding and being able to manage their own health care due to literacy (Koh, Brach, Harris, Parchman, 2013). Therefore when we are discussing information to our patients it is important to keep the educational material to about a 6th grade level in order for it to be easily understood. Keeping it simple allows for a foundation to be laid and us to be able to add vital information when needed for that particular patient. Also, when we educate verbally it is noted that spoken animation is the best way to communicate complex health information to people with low and high literacy levels (Meppelink, Weert, Haven, Smit, 2015). We should never talk down to a patient but rather help them to help themselves in every way possible. By using spoken animation it increases the understanding to all levels of literacy and is less intimidating. The Setting is vitally important in any teaching situation, we need to make certain that our patient is at a teachable moment. This…

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