Listening Is The Soul Of Knowledge And Information Of A High Order

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Sound is an essential element that encircle our world, information can be gained through listening, which listening is a more advanced sense in that are fundamental to human. According to Helen Keller, hearing is the soul of knowledge and information of a high order. The disable of listening as if detached from the world, sound is also a factor built this nature, as Max Neuhaus mentioned sound has given context to a place. Sound is that important but in the same time too fundamental, the ordinariness of sound lead people‘s overlook on it. Contemporary sound artist attach great importance to the lost and unaware sound, through the practice of field recording and sound walking reignite concerns over the vanished sound around our life. This essay will be discussing how contemporary sound artist’s approach explore sound that is surround us but undervalued and neglected through field recording and sound walking (relating to week 2 and week 9.)

Firstly, Field recording practice enable artists explore the world with misery perspective and a wide range of investigation, because it located at the junction of diverse dominant forces which include technology, science, history and human perception. Perhaps effecting the way how we listen will be the most compelling feature about field recording. It trigger the question that the effectiveness of auditory sense and how brain refine sounds around us, no matter it 's a traffic noise, insect buzzing or entire genres of music. Focusing on a…

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