Essay about Lightning Effect Is Generated Using The Heidler Block

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Lightning effect is generated using the Heidler block. The lightning of 100 kA will strike on the shielding wire in case of mitigation due to shielding and on phase A in case where surge arresters are considered. Below is a figure of a 100 kA lightning strike. This current is measured at the node where the lightning strikes.

Fig. 5.1 Lightning strike current of 100 kA
When lightning strikes on the shielding conductors the current induces a voltage on the phase conductors. Here we are generating a case of induced voltage on the line. The induced voltage then should be mitigated by shielding. Here we see a voltage of 155 kV has been induced due to the lightning strike on the phase line. Such induced voltages cause the sensitive components of the system to fail. Fig. 5.2: Induced voltage on the line due to the lightning strike 5.1 CASE 1: Effect of grounding
In our study we will have constructed the towers for our transmission line by using resistors. The approach that we have taken is not practical however to see the effect of grounding we have changed the resistances of the ground and observed that the induced voltage on the line is seen to be reduced as the resistances were lowered.
Induced voltage due to lightning on shield wires when the ground resistances are taken to be 50 ohms. In this case the induced voltage reaches almost 1 MV this is because of the higher resistance. Due to high resistances the conductance is less and the current does not pass…

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