Light And Light Of Darkness Essay

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Light has been around since the day God said, “Let there be light.” The world has never been without light, since those words have been spoken. However, there has been many moments of darkness. Possibly the most significant is when darkness fell over the earth for three hours when Jesus was being crucified on the cross. However, there are many other moments darkness is prevalent. A typical night will consist of over nine hours of darkness in most places, not to mention the darker times of dusk and dawn. Large buildings that consist of many rooms may have a lack of light in said rooms, thus causing darkness. Traveling through deep forests or in the shadow of a mountain can cause darkness in the middle of the day. Society was challenged by the lack of light and thus came inventions to conquer physical darkness. The earliest forms of light came from a typical fire. A fuel source was burned which created a flame, thus emitting light. The earliest fuel sources were wood and oil. Efficiency was maximized from those fuel sources and eventually deemed no longer a viable for providing enough light. Fire, heat, poor lighting, and messy wax were among just a few of the problems that were experienced by fire light. This led one great inventor, Thomas Edison’s, to create the Lightbulb, which forever changed the world through almost every aspect of art, culture, and technology. Thomas Edison patented the first lightbulb in 1879 and since that day, the world has never been the same.…

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