Essay on Lifestyle Is Not The Only Health Determinant

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Lifestyle is not the only health determinant. Where you live, level of education, accessibility to health care, socioeconomic status, race/ ethnicity, gender, immigration status, social support networks, and inheritance are factors as well. Waiting on a decision of my legal status by the government was stressfully. I felt tired, and sicker than normal. Today, I can relate this back to the insecurities about my future. When I received my permanent status, it felt like the weight lifted off my shoulders.
Currently, my choices are healthy eating, walking my dog three times a day so that I get at least some exercise, and vitamin D. When I look around, it is shocking to observe how many people are overweight, or obese. Actually, it seems like being fat is the norm. For example, on the cover of the swimsuit bikini issue of sports illustrated, they featured a plus-size model. She is making a statement that being corpulent can be beautiful, and that a few pounds’ overweight is okay. Consequently, it seems that heavier set people, are the new unhealthy norm.
Who do we blame for this, ourselves, the government, or the food industry? Either way, when you are in the supermarket, there is an overwhelming choice of cheap, processed foods. Pre-packed foods, bursting with chemicals to keep it fresh forever, made with GMO ingredients, high salt ,excessive amounts of high-fructose corn syrup, and lacking any nutritional factors, and are waiting for the uneducated consumer. When a hotdog is…

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