Lifespan Essay

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Lifespan Development
From infancy to late adulthood development on different levels take place. A lifespan can be long or short; children develop faster than others, this can come from heredity, some genetic deficiency or lack of parental involvement. A child development should be parallel with her chemical genetic balance, gifts and talents, proper eating habits from the mother, her environment, and under the watchful eyes of her parents. Cognitive happens when individuals knows, understand or believe what they are capable to know and understand, these cognitive development happens within stages of lifespan. People and nature goes through processes of development; there are factors which can affect physical development within middle age
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With middle age children symbolically is one way of how they think, they perform and understand tasks on certain objects. Middle age children understand shapes takes on different forms, and can be changed from how they are presented to them. To have a middle age child understand an adult point of view can be extremely difficult, they want to believe that things that are not alive are alive. The children at this stage are not focusing on any one else view point but their own, they believe all things of nature thinks and feels just as they do. Playing on the playground or at home improves cognitive interaction in middle childhood. Foster cognitive development happens when middle age children are pretending within their game-playing to be doctors, lawyers, bus drivers and construction workers. The way they organize games by making up rules put them in a capacity to create new forms of development, which will help them develop the visual-spatial imagery that supports learning in school academics (Bergen, Fromberg 2009).
Middle age children receives major symptoms of hearing loss, breast cancer, overweight, from their hereditary or genetics. These symptoms may not be present at birth or even in early childhood, but when they reach middle childhood these problems began to surface. Situations are not the same with every child or every culture; within the Latino culture the causes of hereditary disease are high due to

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