Lifespan Paper

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Lifespan Portfolio Paper 2
January 28, 2014

Lifespan Portfolio Paper 2

Picking someone for this paper was much more difficult than the first one, at immediate thought the only people I knew over the age of 65 were my family members. I started to look into some of my friends’ parents but they were not quite there. Then it hit me, the perfect person to interview would be my friend that passed away in Dickinson, her grandmother. She is one of the most loving, caring, supportive grandparents I have ever met. I have always seen her from that stand point so interviewing her would only help me to understand how she became the way she is today. Something that I found interesting between both
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In regards to Kegan’s Subject-Object Theory I believe that Grandma has reached the Institutional Stage because she develops her own ideas and thoughts and she also makes her own decisions. I think the fact that her family did not follow the traditional home life values in a time in which that was so strong just shows that she does things in terms of what is best for her and her family instead of trying to fit it, or please others. She also set clear limits for herself and her children. I know this because of the person that her daughter, Bev, is today. There was a very strict upbringing and yet at the same time it was so loving and safe that no one really attempted to rebel too much against it. Every family will always have their ups and downs, however it is how that family remains intact is what will define them. Obviously the biggest down that this family has faced was losing Ash. I think that also had a large part on how Grandma Morrison may view life now. It has probably put a lot of things into prospective for her, grandkids are supposed to bury their grandparents not vice versa. The piece that just goes to show how much this tragedy must have shaken her is that her most favorite memory of all time was when her grandchildren were born. If that is such a bold and vivid memory for her, losing one of them must have just crushed everything inside. As negative as that experience was for everyone, it

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