Lifespan Development Essay examples

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* Lifespan development is the field tha examine pattern of growth, change, and stability in behavior. (womb to tomb) * Major topical Areas (Physical Dev., Cognitive Dev., Personality Dev., Social Dev.) * Physical- Body and the brain. * Cognitive- Growth and behavior * Personality- Stability and change * Social- interaction and relationships grow * Cultural factors and developmental diversity * Broad factors * Orientation toward individualism or collectivism * Finer differences * Ethnicity * Race * Socioeconomic Race * Gender * Korosol increase stress * Cohort- group of people born at around the same time in the same place * …show more content…
Of many psychological activities * Early childhood: end of infancy to 5-6 years * Preschool years * Self-sufficiency and increased play * Middle and late childhood: 6-11 years * Reading, writing, and arithmetic * Focus on achievement and self-control * Adolescence: varying endpoints; form 10-12 to 18-22 years * Rapid physical changes * Pursuit of independence and identity * Early adulthood: late teens to early 30’s * Personal and economic independence * Selecting a mate * Middle adulthood: 40-60 years * Social involvement and responsibility * Assisting the next generation * Late adulthood: 60’s- 70’s to death * Life review * Adjustment to new social roles * Longest developmental span * “youngest old” vs. “oldest old” * Conceptions of age * How relevant is chronological to understand a person’s psychological dev.? IQ * How should age be conceptualized? * Chronological age: number of years that have elapsed since birth * Biological age: a person’s age in terms of biological health * Psychological age: an individual’s adaptive capacities compared with those of other

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