Lifespan Development Essay

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Lifespan Development and Personality
Luis Cervantes
January 11, 2016
Susanne Nishino

Lifespan Development and Personality Developmental psychology is the study of how human beings age and transform throughout the eight major stages of life. This paper will focus on the physical, cognitive, social, moral, and personality development of individuals found in stage two, (early childhood 1-6 year olds). Through exploring, and examining the countless influences that affect their growth development.
The physical growth transformations infants undergo in stage two of lifespan development range from, brain, motor, to sensory/perceptual development, and infant’s overall body height and weight. During the first two years, brain
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For example, most infants have equal 20/20 vision as healthy adults, and newborn babies can easily identify their own mother’s voice from the voice of a stranger.
Typically, boys are taller and weight more than girls, but growth varies from infant to infant. Physical growth curves allegedly follow the same common growth pattern, but growth curves only offer an estimate growth rate. Simply because growth differs within children of the same age group. For example, Infant A reaches a higher maximum growth, than Infant B. Meanwhile Infant C can grow at a faster growth rate than Infant A, or B. Finally, different parts of an infant’s body grow at different tempos even within the same child, (Thorpe, L. P., & Cruze, W. W. 1956. pp. 78-108).
Researchers can map infant’s physical development by measuring the child’s data on, height, weight, chronological age, number of permanent teeth, brain development, motor skill and sensory tests. Then experts can cross-reference the infant’s data to the information found in milestones of development, which serve as major reference points for all areas of lifespan development. These milestones help organize the other sides of development, which are crucial for measuring normal healthy human being development. Although experts are not capable of specifying an exact time infants should display particular characteristics. They can however speculate when particular characteristics

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