Life : Save A Life Essay

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Save a Life An 8-year-old boy walks next door one Sunday evening after church to his best friend’s house, whom is a 6-year old little girl. The little girl’s dog just had a set of new born puppies. The 8-year-old boy just simply wanted to hold one, but the little girl refuse to let him. The boy then walked back to his home filled anger and conferment. The little boy got his father’s 12-guage shotgun from an unlocked an unsupervised closet. The boy then walked back to the little girl’s home and shot her repeatedly in the chest. The little girl died shortly after from severe, nonstop bleeding of the gunshot wounds. The 8-year-old boy is charged as an adult with first degree murder of the death of the 6-year-old little girl. This is only one tragic, overwhelming accident that can take place by any immature juvenile each day in the United States. Although the boy did not do the right thing, children need to have the right type of guidance in their life to help them understand the right and wrong things in life. Kids are incapable for knowing the difference. Children who commit violent crimes should most definitely not be tried as adults. Ignoring the tragic death by any child is unbearable. Prosecuting children and sending them away to adult facilities is tragic in and of it-self. Children do not get the education they need in adult prisons, or the stable help needed. It essentially takes the life of children and causes unimaginable heartache for others. “It is beyond debate…

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