Life On The Boundary By Mike Rose Essay

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In the memoir, Lives on the Boundary, Mike Rose depicts some of the educational issues that he experiences and even went through as a child. Some of the issues that are mentioned in his memoir are issues that are seen worldwide. There are many different themes that can be interpreted or taken from his book. Despite someone’s background, with a little support, and some motivation, anyone can become anything they want to be.
During his childhood, Rose’s parents decided to move from another country to California in hopes of giving their son a better life. Despite the little money they had, his parents found a home where the three of them would live. He grew up in a bad neighborhood in South L.A. Despite being in an area of violence he managed to stay out of trouble. Some people may experience this and feel that they need to join a gang to feel like they belong. Rose says, “Though it was occasionally violent, it wasn’t the violence in South L.A. that marked me, for sometimes you can shake that ugliness off” (17). Rose came from another country and could have easily went towards another direction but he brushed the negative environment off and still continued to move on with his life without feeling the need to act out. His family wanted him to do well in school so they enrolled him in a private school. His life could have went into a different direction but he had his parents who wanted the best for him and he kept away from any negative actions or behaviors. Despite coming…

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