Essay on Life Of Pi By David Magee

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Movies are popular in today’s society. People watch movies for multiple reasons. Some come watch films for entertainment, to learn something, and some watch it for the artistic factor. Life of Pi, written by David Magee was an award-winning movie. The director of the movie was, Ang Lee. There were many characters within the movie. The major actors included, Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, and Adil Hussain. Moreover, these actors acted out scenes for this adventure, great fantasy, and drama film. Life of Pi won 4 Oscars, 76 wins, and 124 nominations. However, this movie was about a young man named Pi who survived a disaster at sea. While cast away at sea, Pi bonded with a fearsome Tiger, and he experienced an adventurous journey due to the disaster (Life of Pi). Life of Pi is an inspiring film, equally entertaining, culturally irrelevant, and artistic.
A reason for watching a movie is usually for entertainment. Life of Pi was entertaining throughout some sections of the movie. In the beginning, the movie began with presenting all kinds of animals. It was very interesting to see so many animals. The first scene was in present day. The main character Pi was speaking with a reporter about his life story. Moreover, the movie had a flashback scene of his early life. It showed what life was like for Pi as a child. For instance, some bullies from school treated Pi unfairly by laughing and making fun of him. Then the film had a flashback to Pi as a teenager. That scene consisted of…

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