Essay about Life Of Being A Family Man

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My grandfather was born in Gilroy, California, in 1939. At the age of eight, my grandfather moved to a ranch near the outskirts of Gilroy, where he lived in a one room shack with his mother, brother, and step-father. For seven years, my grandfather lived in that poor shack, where he had to cover the holes in the walls with newspaper or cardboard just to keep warm during the cold winters. Years later, my grandfather decided to make something out of his life, and enrolled at San Jose City college in 1972, and graduated in 1975 with an Associate degree. While enrolled in San Jose City college, my grandfather was offered an internship to work for the Santa Clara county in the investigation program unit.

At first, it was very stressful for my grandfather, because he was trying to balance his life of being a family man, a student, and working as in the investigation program unit. By the time my grandfather graduated from San Jose City college, he was offered a full time job, because he excelled in the internship program. As working in investigation program unit, my grandfather was the assistant to the investigation officer during a court hearing, and would take notes during the days of trial. Once the trial was over, the investigation officer would write the report, and would give the report to my grandfather to give to the Santa Clara county for filing. Not only did my grandfather helped the investigation officers, he would often helped to make appointments with parole felons…

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