Essay about Life Of A Hair And Makeup

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Last minute makeovers for photo shoots, bridesmaids hair and makeup, talent shows, musicals, church events, prom updos. You name it, I’ve braided it, curled it, dyed it, cut it, styled it, moussed it, sprayed it… All of this is just a beginning glimpse into the world of a hair and makeup artist, which is exactly what I plan on becoming. Throughout my life I’ve always been that go-to-friend for last minute hair, makeup or wardrobe malfunctions. “Naomi can you come over and do my hair for a photoshoot?” or “Naomi my sister is getting married and I am the Maid of Honor, would you mind doing my hair and makeup for me?” Events like these have helped my driving and growing passion for this career. I love the idea of taking something or someone and helping transform them to be spectacular. To be a makeup and hair artists you have to have the eye for beauty, the eye for art and style. Before you can make it big you’ve got to learn the basics and grow from there. The basic training for a cosmetologist is a six to eight month class. “Having a high school diploma is a need, but as far as college goes some degree is needed but not full courses”(Occupation 1). You learn how to shape different hairstyles, you learn how to measure out the right formula for different hair colors and learn the hygiene side of beauty too which includes mani pedis, facials and basic hair care. All of which is basic training, but if you want to go on to be a makeup and hair artist, learning new techniques…

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