Life Of A Child Based Upon A First Impression Is A Most Horrible And Violent Form Of Discrimination

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A 1999 study estimated that 9 out of 10 (90%-92%) babies with Down syndrome (DS) were aborted yearly (Bradford, 2015, para. 1). New research by de Graaf, Buckley, and Skotko (2015) approximates 30% of babies with DS were “selectively terminated in recent years” (p. 765). Termination rates among ethnicities are “non-Hispanic whites (39%), non-Hispanic blacks/Africans (27%), and Hispanics (18%)” (para. 12). (De Graaf, Buckley, & Skotko, 2015, p. 763). Bradford (2015) laments, “making such a radical decision as to end the life of a child based upon a first impression is a most horrible and violent form of discrimination” (para 17).
The Story Behind the Quest
I fell in love with Curtis, a baby with DS, while working at a center for children with developmental disabilities. I decided I would make special education my career, and it became my passion. For 21 years, I have taught students with mild to moderate developmental disabilities in both elementary and middle school. My class comprises of students with intellectual disabilities, including students with DS.
Present Knowledge
I have attended numerous staff development workshop to learn new strategies. However, they are inconsistent, either advocating for sight word or phonetic instruction. Typically, the reading method endorsed depends on the curriculum the presenter is selling. Sadly, they do not lay out a clear plan to teach reading to children with DS.
In Pursuit of Knowledge
In the past, special education…

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