Life Is Worth Living Or Die? Essay

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Camus and Epicurus have a couple views in common. They both believe death is the end of all suffering and sensation, people have control of their own destiny, and everyone has the right to live and die. Death is the deprivation of sensation, and after death there is nothing, nor do we feel anything. Camus’s big question is whether or not life is worth living. That each person has the right to choose whether to live or die. People who commit suicide have made the decision for themselves, “All healthy men having thought of their own suicide, it can be seen, without further explanation, that there is a direct connection between this feeling and the longing for death.” (pg 644 par 2) Suicide is the end of suffering to some. People who contemplate suicide talk about how tired they are, and how nice it would be not to deal with everything anymore. However, ending your life for a cause other than your own is ridiculous to Camus. In this way soldiers, monks, and protesters are not ending their lives because to end their suffering, but instead do it for something other than themselves. For Camus life is absurd. Life is meaningless purposelessness, because there is no goal set for us in life, and there is no real reason for us being here on the earth. It is absurd that people are here without a true meaning or goal. Human beings are born knowing at some point that they are going to die, they are born to die. People do the same thing over and over again week after week. People go to…

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