Thomas Nagel's Theories On Death

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Thomas Nagel believed that death itself is not bad but what is bad about dying is that your life is taken away from you. Another position that Nagel had was that death is simply a state of non-existence and is not bad. The reason he thought that was because death and conscious life are mutually exclusive states. Nagels assumption was that death is the permanent end of our existence of our organic and conscious self. Epicures believed that death is nothing to us and that it was neither good or bad. He also said that death couldn’t be good or bad because those feelings only comes through conscious and real thoughts. This is the main reason I do not agree with Epicures. I believe that death is bad for us because of the fact that we cannot experience …show more content…
Some though would say they would like to have their organic self alive for longer even if they are not conscious. I would disagree with the counterarguments on this particular assumptions though because the person who stays alive for an extra 25 years still have no experiences to have before they are dead so there is no reason to be alive if they cannot experience anything. Another one of Nagel’s arguments that are critiqued is that death is only bad because it deprives us of our lives. Epicures thought that since being dead does not involve pleasure or pain that it cannot be bad for us because pain is the only thing bad for us. This goes against Nagel’s argument that death is harmful to us because it deprives us of our …show more content…
This discussion matters because some people are in distress over the topic of death. Many people live life scared of death and fear it mitally. Others that do not fear death can live their lives to the fullest and not scared of what the afterlife will be like. I believe that death should not be feared. I would like to think that I live my life to the fullest but I also live my life in a fairly safe and non riskful manner. Death is naturally viewed as a bad thing because you are leaving this world and do not get to experience the everyday experiences that you do. Also the nature of death can be thought as a bad thing because nobody truly knows what happens to us after we die. Since no one knows what forsure happens to us when we die that is the only reason that we can even have this debate and this debate will continue on until it is proven to us what happens to us after we die.

In my opinion Thomas Nagel offers a more convincing argument on death and it is something that I believe in that death is bad for us, because of the reason that our lives are taken from us. Nagel’s examples regarding the 99 year old person dying and the 14 year old kid dying, and his coma assumption are both very persuasive. The question of “Where do we go after we die?” will forever be an unknown question because it will never be possible to fully know what will happen until you actually

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