Life Is A Prison For Five Years Or More, Could You Take It? Essay

1357 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
4.) If you were a prisoner, would you have been able to endure the experience? What would you have done differently than those subjects did? If you were imprisoned in a “real” prison for five years or more, could you take it?
If I was a prisoner, I do not think I could deal with experiencing the prison life. I have always liked my own personal space and I do not allow people to get that close to me. In prison, people are everywhere and you could not have a free second for yourself. There are no 4 walls to go to, where you could be completely alone. If you are in prison, you also have to be a team player because if you stayed alone, you would not last long in there. My personality does not let other people control me. I like to be a leader, and if I was a prisoner I could not control my behavior when the guards try to tell me what to do. Everything goes back to the fact that I do not like to be controlled, so I do not like to adjust myself for anyone. I like to eat in my own time, and in prison I would have to follow the protocols and eat when it is allowed. I got used to the nice life style where I have clean bathrooms, separate showers, comfortable beds. It would be very uncomfortable for me if I did not have these factors in my life. Moreover, these conditions do not help stop the harassment between prisoners. this experiment is designed to induce disorientation, depersonalization, and deindividualization, I would hate every single part of being in prison. The bottom line…

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