Life Has Never Been Good For Me Essay

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Life doesn 't seem to be getting better. I can say life has really never been good for me. After all, the apartments where I used to live, at we had gotten in some issues. I don 't exactly remember but we had to move. We could have moved to a new home in the same area, but we moved real far from where we were. It was up in the mountains where we moved, closer to my grandparents. I never understood why we did move. My dad was working and had a great job, just one day we upped and moved from the plains to the mountains.
Before my whole family moved up there, they sent me to live with my grandparents for a few months. At the time, I thought my parents were trying to get rid of me. I didn 't understand the fact that homeschooling wasn 't working with me, so I had to go back to public school. My older sister was able to stay with them and my little sister was too young for school, so she stayed also. I don 't remember everything that happened. All I do remember is that my mom and dad had come up and they brought me to a school. I met my teacher and some kids at the new school. The school I went to started school before I did where I used to live.
I was enrolled in the school and a few months later my parents showed up and told me to bring all my stuff with me. I thought I was going back “home”. My dad then grabbed my bag, put it in our car, and I hopped in. We drove around the corner and then we stopped. I looked at the place in fright. I remembered that was the house that my…

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