Life goes on (Metaphor essay )

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Life Goes On Life is like a flower, so beautiful and healthy when it’s well taken care of, but even then it dies and all that’s ever left is ashes. A day like any other, May 25, 2011, I was at my school, John C. Fremont High, in the cafeteria when I received the worst phone call ever. It was the phone call that impacted and traumatized my life. My best friend’s mom had called me and simply said, “I need you to calm down, and I need you to take this calmly.” As she started to cry, she said, “Elias has stopped breathing.” And that’s how I knew I had lost my best friend. Leukemia, a type of cancer of bone marrow that prevents normal manufactures of red and white blood cells and platelets, resulting in anemia, …show more content…
They made us leave by force. That day and for many more days after, it rained cats and dogs out of my eyes for a very long time. My mother kept telling me everything will be okay, but I didn’t believe her. I didn’t believe anyone that ever said that to me anymore. As I began to isolate myself from everyone and began to enter my own world of darkness, blades and alcohol began to talk to me. They told me they’ll make me feel better. The world only looked dark to me now. I told myself, “I’ll never let go.” With that mentality, I did nothing but defiant actions and worried my mother as well as everyone else. Eventually, my mother went through her last straw with me and sent me straight down to therapy. She didn’t do this because she couldn’t handle me, but because she wanted me to try and let it out to someone more professional that could give me better advice than anyone else. After a while, I began to smile and become more open again. I wasn’t the person I used to be, but I overcame this obstacle and became someone much stronger and better. In the end I was able to say, “Everything’s going to be okay, I can let go now. As you will rest in peace I will let go but you’ll never be forgotten.” This event has significance because it traumatized and impacted my life. I lost someone very special to me. He was my brother “from another mother”, my childhood memory, my best friend. Not only that, but I almost lost myself along the way of this

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