Essay Life And Life : Life

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Life, who can really define life? Life can be interpreted in many different ways, happy, sad, joyful, spiritual, etc. Life is when an elderly is breathing his last breath, that’s the sad truth of life. Life is seeing a child being born, but does life really start when the child is born or before? Many people have different opinions on that subject, but one truth is that once the embryo is formed in a mother 's womb and no action has been taken to stop the formation of the embryo, life will be born. Some females don’t wish to experience that, others would love to but aren’t able to, and others are excited just knowing what they carry inside but encounter many life complications at the time of delivery.
Becoming a mother is not for everyone. Motherhood is a full time job for life, and many women do not wish to experience motherhood. The reasons as to why these women do not wish to become mothers vary due to each women’s circumstance, lifestyles and life goals. Luckily for these women, there are many ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Some ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is to use birth control. Birth control comes in many shapes and forms, it can be from pills, patches, the female and male ring and condoms. In a case where none of the mentioned birth controls were used at the time of intercourse, women still have an option they can use within two days of having sex. This method is called, Plan B pills. If none of these work and the woman still somehow ends…

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