Life And Career Of Construction Essay

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Introduction Throughout my life and career I have been interested and involved in construction and the processes that go with it. Each project presents unique challenges in the stages used to complete the work. From the initial process of bidding to procure the project, to the end result of transferring the property to the owner, there are so many things that go on in between to complete the project. These include, but are not limited to, site preparation, permits, and logistics of materials and equipment. These things are the reason that I decided to return to school and further my education at The University of Tennessee and pursue a bachelor’s degree in construction science. I have truly found my calling in the field of construction. This, in addition to my internships have made me very capable of understanding and taking on a project no matter what phase or condition it is in. Each of the journals and the magazine were selected for various reasons. The journals are available online for those who have access and the magazine is available for those with internet capabilities. Each of the publications are directed toward a specific audience, have their own styles and language, yet are still engaging, informative and interesting in their own way. The purpose of this analysis for each journal and the magazine was to understand the how the style, language, format, pictures, graphs and intended audience affect how different users view the content provided within each…

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