Lies Deserve No Sympathy Analysis

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The Abuse of Powers:
Not All Immigrants have and are able to Abuse the same Power Vargas had Life is so unfair, as known by many not everyone gets what they deserve. Esther Cepeda the Author of “ Jose Antonio Vargas's Lies Deserve No Sympathy ” Portrays a clear picture of how life is not fair through Vargas’s story. Cepeda sets a clear view for her readers of how, what Vargas went through is appreciative however not all immigrants can do as Vargas did and get the sympathy he was given in return. Nevertheless Esther's writing gets very complicated in the perspective of having an effect on her readers. Cepeda Only uses logic to get her point across to her targeted reader. However the rest of Cepedas techniques to having an effect on her reader
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However Esther Cepeda the Author of “ Jose Antonio Vargas's Lies Deserve No Sympathy” uses summary in her writing in a way that complicates her writing allowing the summary to overshadow her voice and dropping her main point from the writing. Furthermore summary makes her writing partially effective on her reader. Someone reading “Jose Antonio Vargas's Lies Deserve No Sympathy” would more then likely know who Jose Antonio Vargas is and what is the story behind his name. Cepeda includes a very detailed summary the the reader is highly likely to already know and have already read. Summary could have been used in Cepedas work with a little less details that makes no difference in her writing. Cepedas readers would have wanted to know more about Cepedas view not a summary of what they already …show more content…
But using too much or too little of any technique can throw off the writing piece. Cepeda starts off her writing with giving her reader logos but as she gets deeper into the article she overshadows her own voice and her point of view using summary and pathos and no ethos. The techniques used in the article are not evenly distributed causing the reader to be partially effected by her writing. Esther Cepeda the Author of “ Jose Antonio Vargas's Lies Deserve No Sympathy” is partially effective on her reader because she uses logic in her writing, but notwithstanding she complicates her writing by adding summary and using her readers feelings and not using ethos throughout her article. Despite her effort of convincing her reader to have no sympathy for Vargas, she loses her reader by having unevenly used techniques throughout her work. Evenly distributed work is the best way of getting the author's point across. Life is not fair to the immigrants like it was easy on Vargas as Cepeda writes yet she showes the opposite in her writing

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