Libertarian Vs. Libertarian Free Will Essay

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Are we free? On one hand most of us have the clear mindset that we are, we feel and act free, we feel like we make all sorts of decisions, good or bad that lead to both beliefs (that we are and that we’re not free) but it has yet to be proven that somebody can just decide to change his or her beliefs in any which way. But, consider knocking someone out, or, for another example, I donate wheat to a third world country on a whim, just because I feel like it. This view that humans are more than capable of making entirely free actions is known as libertarian free will, or in other words the belief that some human actions are freely chosen by the person. To be perfectly clear, libertarian free will is nothing like political libertarianism, however, people who accept libertarian free will could be anything from political libertarians to socialists, they just think that we can act freely. So we have figured out that our thoughts and actions are free, but most of us also believe that every effect had a cause and that everything that happens now in the present is the result of something that happened in the past. This is what we know as determinism. Hard determinism on the other hand says that we are determined and therefore we don’t have free will, nor are we morally responsible for our own actions.
You can’t rationally hold the libertarian and hard determinist views together because traditionally libertarians have said actions that are free according to what’s known as the…

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